Is your friend in the last weeks of pregnancy and invited you to the baby shower party? In those situations, some people tend to panic because they do not know which gift to choose. If that is the case with you, we can help you out with this guide because we will talk about the best baby shower party gifts. 

Baby and toddler Bath Multiplay Game Set 

This track slide water game and shower toy is one of the perfect gifts for baby shower parties. Children can play with this toy as a slide pool and waterfall as well. Not only in the bathroom, but you can also install this toy in soft surface areas like glass doors, tile floors, refrigerators, and many others. 

The toys are made of ABS plastic, which would not break easily and last for a long time. Besides that, these toys have environmentally friendly materials. The package includes different components, such as a slide, rubber duck, capsules, and other things. You can attach the parts with each other to make a slide, which further gives a fun bathing experience to the infant. There is a filter cup with holes in which you can pour water to make it look like it is raining heavily. 

Cute Water Animals Baby Bath Game Kit 

This toy can release water in different ways. For example, this set has a cute little crab that can produce water like a water wheel. There is a spin octopus that will let the water out in spins. Lastly, the blue whale will deliver water in the form of a fountain. 

If you want to stop the water flow from the animals, you can turn the switch to the side. You can attach the parts and create this toy in three easy steps. These toys are user-friendly, affordable, and are safe for toddlers. 

Baby Shower Cap   

If you want to give a small bathing set as a baby shower gift, it is relatively beneficial. Shampooing the child’s hair is quite risky because they might get the liquid into the eyes, which can cause danger to them. But, with the headband, you can simply put it around the kid’s head and start applying shampoo. Hence, the shower cap is another excellent gift idea. 

Toothbrush Set 

The electric toothbrush has gentle sonic vibrations, which can relieve painful gums and fresh baby teeth. It also features BPA-free and soft bristles, which are formulated for tiny mouths. Plus, it eliminates toxic bacteria and enhances 21% gain in plaque deduction compared to physical brushing. This toothbrush has a tiny grip that is comfortable enough for children. 

The easy-to-use on and off button makes the brushing simple. In addition to that, this toothbrush features an illuminated brush head. The 2 minutes LED light function along with pulse for every 30 seconds makes your child learn decent toothbrush habits. This set comes with two different brush heads to make it ideal for newborns (0-18 months) and toddlers (18-36 months). It is a battery-powered toothbrush and contains 1 AAA battery. 

Baby Rocket Bath Game 

Here is a fun yet aspiring gift idea for baby shower parties. This rocket bath game and toy can enhance your child’s imagination levels and knowledge of rockets and outer space. It has rounded edges, three different water outlets, and a large water inlet at the top. Besides that, the rotating wings will make it look super cool. 

It is made of high-grade durable plastic and does not need any battery, so you can stop worrying about the toy’s performance and other safety issues. Because of that, it is one of the best eco-friendly and safe gifts you can choose for baby showers. 

Night Lights 

You can also give unique shaped night light devices which can be used in the infant’s room during the night without causing any harm to their eyes. Besides that, these user-friendly night lights would not disturb the child’s sleep. You can find them in different shapes, sizes, and models. 

Some of them have single touch buttons, making them easy to use. A few models have the potential to emit light in various colors. Due to their portable nature, it will be easy to carry them everywhere. Even if the newborn baby plays with the night light, there is no harm. 

Baby Shower Sprinklers 

The unique shaped sprinklers which can spray water are also good choices as baby shower gifts. This rainbow sprinkler has a water suction port at the bottom and a large sucker on the side. Plus, there is a star-shaped button in the middle, and you can press it to release the water. The head part can swing both up and down and 30 degrees into the left and right directions. This sprinkler has small holes in a sequence that sprays down the water. 


We have tried to include the best gift ideas, and currently, there are several baby shower gifts you can choose from. In addition to that, you can make customized gifts as well.