YAMAYO Portable Mini Cool Mist Humidifier for babies (BPA Free) 

Here is the best portable cool mist humidifier for babies which can run up to 10 hours on intermittent mode. With its 240 ml tank size, it maintains the humidity throughout the night.  

Quick Specifications

The YAMAYO portable mini cool mist humidifier can be used to enhance the humidity in the air. It helps to curb static electricity, lessens dust, and assists in alleviating dry throat and nose. 

According to the manufacturer, the humidifier features two working modes. Its 240 ml large volume tank capacity allows the unit to work up to 5 hours in the continuous mode. However, it has a running time of about 10 hours when placed in intermittent mode. 

You have to ensure that the cotton filter is completely saturated and decently attached to the atomizing plate. After that, tap the button shortly to switch on the continuous mist mode and press it again to change it to intermittent mode. If you want to switch off the humidifier, make sure to press the switch shortly for the third time. 

Unlike other products, the YAMAYO portable mini cool mist humidifier does not produce any noise and works quietly. Due to that, it is an excellent choice to be used at nighttime or in the baby’s bedroom. With its quiet operation, it would not deter your sleep. 

The portable humidifier is a perfect desktop humidifier for babies, and it can be used in home, office, and during travel as well. As the mini humidifier features a portable travel-friendly design, you can carry it everywhere. This mini humidifier provides better air and humidity anywhere you want.

Another best feature is its optional night light. You can turn on the night light by tapping and holding the primary switch. Besides that, for selecting the light color, tap the button again or switch it off. It is a USB-powered unit and provides a water shortage protection feature. 

The portable humidifier is entirely safe to be used in the baby bedroom because it comes with a low water auto safety shut-off protection feature. Hence, it will halt working when the water level is zero or less. You can use clean tap water to fill the tank capacity.