Bear Night Light for kids

Next, we have the bear-shaped night light for kids, which is huggable and smooth. As the material is soft, it does not pose any harm to the children, making it a safe toy for them. 

Quick Specifications

The Bear Kids Night Light is a portable toy that can light up in nine different colors. Press on top of the light to change colors which will not hurt children’s eyes. The outer layer is made using a high-quality and smooth silicone substance. Though it is soft, the night light is sturdy enough to endure harsh landings, and it would not break as well.

Best benefits 

The night light device does not produce any heat from the light, so it is safe for children if they sleep with it during their bedtime. As the device is washable, even if the white surface becomes a little dusty, do not worry because you can wash it. Plus, the night light weighs less, and children can easily carry it everywhere. 

In the package, you will receive a remote control, on which there are separate buttons for each color. Besides that, you can find the power on or off button, brightness level buttons, and timer setting buttons. During the daytime, you can use full brightness levels, and when the night comes, you can reduce the level of brightness. 

Unlike other models, this bear-shaped night light includes a sleep timer feature which will automatically turn off if you set a specific time. This feature helps to conserve battery life, and the available timer settings are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60-minutes. Due to that, you no longer need to get up in between your nap. Also, you can even leave the night light on throughout the night.  

If you want to change the colors, you can either use the remote control or press on the top of the device. In addition to that, it is easy to turn off this night light with the power button. If you turn back the device, you will see a built-in USB port at the bottom for re-charging the night light. If the device is completely charged, it can constantly operate for nearly 12 hours. Even small kids can use this night light toy easily with remote control.