Rechargeable Night Light

Wireless Charging

Do you have a child that is afraid of the dark?

Nightlight Egg is an egg-shaped night light that provides soft, comforting light to help your little one feel safe and secure. It’s designed with a unique dimming feature so it can be adjusted from bright to very dim depending on your needs. And because it’s cordless and rechargeable, you don’t need to worry about cords or batteries! You can use Nightlight Egg anywhere in the home – even outside during camping trips!

The perfect gift for any parent who wants their children to sleep soundly at night without fear of the dark. This product will make bedtime easier than ever before. Give yourself peace of mind knowing your child has this wonderful device by their side every night as they drift off into dreamland. With its sleek design and modern look, it will fit right into any room decor! Plus, if you order now we are offering free shipping on all orders over $100! Don’t wait – get yours today while supplies last!

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